Fossil Free UEA Launch Event




Why would an institution at the forefront of research on the impacts of climate change choose to finance the very industry causing it? Despite its aspiration to be ‘an exemplary low carbon campus’, UEA has over £130,000 invested in the fossil fuel industry.

Fossil Free is an international movement led by organisations including and People & Planet that is working to get universities and other institutions to divest from the Fossil Fuel industry. To launch the UEA campaign, we are hosting an evening of discussion and debate, confronting UEA’s ties to the fossil fuel industry, examining our responses to climate change and exploring how divestment can be used as a successful campaign tactic.

Speakers will be followed by an open discussion and Q&A.
All welcome!

Dr. Nem Vaughan is a lecturer in climate change at the Tyndall Centre. Her research interests encompass the different ways global society can respond to the changing climate over a centennial timescale, considering options such as reducing emissions (mitigation), adaptation and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (negative emissions).

Dr. Heike Schroeder is a senior lecturer in climate change and international development at UEA, where she is analyzing global environmental politics and forest governance. She is also a coordinator of the governance theme in the Tyndall Centre.

Brett Scott is a former derivatives broker and financial campaigner, author of ‘The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money’. He has written for publications including the Guardian and the Ecologist, and writes about financial activism and ‘hybrid’ social and environmental finance at

Emma Silk is the UUEAS environment officer and an active member of the People & Planet Student Network.

Rosie Rawle, the UUEAS Communications Officer, will be chairing the discussion.

Attend the divestment event of the year, tonight, 7pm, LT 4.


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