Key Actions of Council 21 November

Wondering what happened in last week’s Student Union Council? Here’s an update. If you have any questions or would like to bring your own policy to council, you can contact your council rep. Alternatively, contact our Communications Officer, Rosie at 

  • Toni Pearce, NUS President, addressed Council and took Councillors questions

  • Heard concerns that the Nominations and Human Resources Sub-Committee had not met to consider recommendations for the appointment of External Trustees

  • Received reports on: coursework deadline bunching, refusal of Schools to give individual exam feedback, concerns about the changing rooms at Colney Lane were unavailable to some Sports Clubs, the 8 30pm cut off for lower priced drinks on Sports Night, plastic bags from the Shop and some Societies being banned from Congregation Hall

  • Agreed a consultation over a possible new Full Time Officer Structure, results will be brought back to Council and sent to a referendum in the New Year.

  • Passed amendments to Bye-Laws so that job vacancies will have to be advertised at great cost in certain local newspapers and Union meetings that look like they will go over time can be cut-off by a ‘guillotine’

  • Agreed that companies that enable tax avoidance will be refused access to Union House

  • Agreed to hear a policy on the restructuring of UUEAS retail services after the Chair rejected the Trustee Board’s ruling that it should not be considered by Council. Agreed the policy that calls on the Trustee Board to consider their responsibilities in relation to consultation and block grant campaigning

  • Passed amendment to the Bye-Laws to make it explicit that new Society’s cannot be approved if they duplicate the activities of an existing Society

  • Agreed to join NUS campaign for a New Deal for students

  • Agreed to join the Fossil Free Campaign and to lobby the University to divest from firms that profit from fossil fuel extraction

  • Agreed policy that renews the stipulation that the police must only enter Union House by invitation

  • Agreed emergency resolution: to write to the Trustee Board reminding them of their remit, to mandate the Constitutional Review Sub-Committee, along with the Full Time Officers, the Trustees and the Chief Executive, to investigate a means for clarifying the Constitutional roles of Council, the Chair of Council, and the Trustee Board, and invited the Trustees to the next meeting of Council

  • Agree policy condemning ATOS, the firm that conducts disability assessments for the governments 


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