Vince Cable visits UEA: Join UEA Peoples Assembly in anti-austerity protest today at 5.30pm

The Student Union has recently affiliated to the Norfolk Peoples Assembly, an anti-austerity movement that is slowly growing momentum across the UK. The motion passed with the belief that the effects of austerity in the UK  seriously damage the prospects of future economic growth and make ordinary people pay for a crisis not of their making. We therefore support today’s protest outside of Vince Cable’s visit to UEA, organised by UEA Peoples Assembly.

Here’s their message:

‘Vince Cable is a senior minister in the Coalition government that has set about destroying the UK’s public services through severe and unnecessary austerity policies.

Today, he will visit UEA to deliver a public lecture on ‘The Centre Left Battleground’, a painfully ironic title given the role he plays in the most right wing government in a generation.

The People’s Assembly UEA and Norfolk People’s Assembly call on students, staff and members of the wider community to join us in a demonstration outside Thomas Paine. Our protest will begin at 5pm sharp and will end just before 5.30pm just in time for us to head inside and hear the talk.’


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