The Results Are In!

The results are in for the NUS Delegate Elections, Blurred Lines Referendum and GSA Masters Rep election! Thank you to everyone who participated!

NUS Delegate Election Results

There were a total of 975 of valid votes in this year’s NUS Delegate Elections

Your delegates to NUS conference are:

Dan Wrigglesworth


Evie Forster


Elliot Folan


Rachel Knott



Blurred Lines Referendum

A phenomenal total of 2227 votes were cast in the Blurred Lines Referendum! Congratulations for your stomping engagement in democracy!

The results were: YES: 24.79% (552 votes) No: 75.21% (1675 votes)

So this means that there will be no withdrawal of the song ‘Blurred Lines’ from Union Facilities.


GSA Masters Rep:

A total of 238 valid votes were cast. 

Your new GSA Masters Rep is:

Leonie Dackham 





Thanks to everyone for voting!


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