Support the staff strike: don’t cross UEA picket lines on Tuesday 3rd December

Members of the UCU, Unite, and UNISON have again decided to take action as employers refuse to improve rejected pay offer of 1% increase.

Our university’s staff have faced a real-term pay cut of 13% since 2009 – a situation Will Hutton described as ‘one of the most sustained suppressions of pay since the Second World War.

Join us to support our staff on the picket lines, 8.30am-10am, Tuesday 3rd December.

This strike is taking place because the employers in FE and HE have once more failed to take the opportunity to reach a fair settlement that tackles the growing cost of living crisis in education. Whilst pay cuts have continued, the price of many basic necessities such as food, rent and energy have increased at a rate well above inflation. The offer of a 1 per cent pay increase this year when inflation stands at 2.7 per cent would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious.

Whilst the same trade unions took strike action on the 31st October, talks with employers have yet to improve rejected pay offer of 1% increase. In higher education, the joint unions met with UCEA for more talks on Tuesday this week but the employers’ organisation once again failed to make any improved offer. Insultingly, the employers only said they were willing to ‘look into’ any equality issues if members accepted the pay cut on offer.

If you believe that your lecturers and support staff should be empowered and fairly paid; that your education should be delivered at the highest quality; that student staff wages should not be forgotten; that staff stood beside us during the marches against tuition fee rises; and that organised collectivist action can make change, JOIN US. We encourage you to not attend classes, to not cross the picket line. If for a reason you face any disciplinary action in support of the staff strike, the Student Union will support your case.

Join us, because at some point, when we are no longer students, we will also be looking for a job with fair pay, and a group of people to defend that right.

8.30am-10am: The round-a-bout near INTO. More details…


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