Full Time Officers Roles Review

It has been noted that the Union of UEA Students has a structure that is complicated and mostly inaccessible. The full time officers’ roles are not clearly defined and we need to ensure that our members know exactly what we represent as Officers. There are roles that focus mainly on process (like Finance & Communications) instead of improving the student experience. Furthermore, many of the Full Time Officers’ job descriptions bear little resemblance to what they actually do in practice.  Students need and deserve a better student officer structure, and therefore it has been taken into consideration the idea of creating new roles to enable transparency and effectiveness.

The council gave the Finance Officer the mandate of leading a review of the roles with officers and councilors, on the 21st of November. The Finance Officer has therefore begun early consultations last week and they are currently going on enhanced by research on other similar structures and on how they are fulfilling their roles. Joe is also holding open drop in sessions this week and a motion is coming to Council on Thursday for their recommendations for the review.

The drop in sessions are on Wednesday 4th December from 1pm to 3pm and on Friday 6th December from 11.30am-1pm.  If you have any ideas about what the Officer roles should be or what they do, come along and share your thoughts!

The aim of this review is to improve and clarify the relationship between staff and officers and to increase the number of officers focused on students and their experience. It is important for this to happen quickly to ensure that the elections that will be held next term will be more precise and effective.

The Student Officers Committee was asked to draw up a formal constitutional change proposal which will then be sent to referendum. This will take place early next semester!


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