Opportunity for acting and producing with UEA DramaSoc!

Interested in acting? UEA DramaSoc are about to hold auditions for next semester’s production: The Accidental Death of an Anarchist and The Little Shop of Horrors. If you want to give it a go, sign up sheets can be found in the Drama Studio!

Accidental Death of an Anarchist is a high speed farce about the Italian police force in the 70s. An anarchist has ‘accidentally died’ by jumping out of a high window in their offices and as the corrupt police force attempt to deal with this public mess, the unstoppable and uncontrollable force of true anarchism appears as the character of the Maniac. Using his considerable knowledge and his considerable lack of care, to toy with the emotions and futures of a group of police officers! A timeless piece of satire, the accidental death of an anarchist speaks volumes about the forces of power, humour and anarchism and one that is not to be missed! This will be staged in Week 4.

Auditions will be held at the start of week 12, so get signing up! Director Tristan Smith is also looking for a production team; so if you’re interested in set design, production or stage management, or technical work, please contact him at seventh_lemon@hotmail.com

The Little Shop of Horrors is set in the depths of a dirty, gloomy suburb called Skid Row, hapless but loveable Seymour Krelborn longs for a life outside of Mr Mushnik’s flower shop. When the business is about to go bust, Seymour comes across ‘a strange and interesting plant,’ and uses it to turn the shop’s and his own fortunes around. But the plants harbors a dark secret – a hunger for human blood! One of theatre’s most well known musical comedies, The Little Shop of Horrors is famous for songs such as ‘Somewhere That’s Green,’ ‘Suddenly, Seymour,’ and the title song ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’ With a rock/Motown soundtrack, a sadistic dentist and a talking, carnivorous plant, ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ has been delighting audiences and critics for over 30 years. It will be staged in Week 8!

Auditions will take place: 
Wednesday 4th December 1-7pm Congregation Hall 01.10
Thursday 5th December Thomas Paine 1.3

Recalls will take place:
Friday 6th December 2pm – 5pm. 

The director, Rob Ellis, is also looking for a:

  • Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)
  • Deputy Production Manager (DPM)
  • Set Designer and Team 
  • Costume and Makeup/Hair Team
  • Plant Team

so if you’re interested, message him at gingerrobthewriter@gmail.com! No experience necessary! 

For more information and audition pieces please contact UEA DramaSoc at ueadramasoc@gmail.com


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