Council Key Decisions – 5th December

Approved Social Work, Think Tank, UEA Pathological and China Handicraft Societies
Approved Annual Report (with a revision recommended by the GSA)
Approved the appointment of auditors being put out to tender
Heard report on lobbying campaign over the Block Grant
Resolution on questions on new Full Time Officer roles for a referendum withdrawn; consultation to continue and referendum to be run next term
Agreed several Constitutional Amendments and changes to Bye-Laws as recommended by the Constitutional Review Group
Agreed emergency resolution to censure Trustees for not convening a meeting of the Appointments Sub-Committee before the appointment of an External Trustee
Agreed emergency resolution to reject a report from Management Committee concerning the implementation of a policy on the restructuring of the Shop and to set up an Open Committee to create a strategy for lobbying for an increase in the block grant
Rejected an emergency resolution that would have given Council power over decisions as to any changes to Union House to be made under the upcoming University’s refurbishment programme
Deferred to another meeting a resolution proposing  changes to the Members Only policy as the Chair ruled that the resolution might break the Staff Protocol

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