Student Officer Role Review – Tell us what you think!

Dear All,

Following on from the presentation at Council last week we have compiled a plan to ensure a full and complete consultation with the general student body with regards to the Student Officer Restructure. In order for this to be a success we need all Officers, Councillors and Representatives to be involved and to involve their constituents.

Council mandated SOC to put the new structure to referendum which will mean that there will be a slight change to the elections timetable and the proposed timeline is also included here.

How can you get involved?

Help out with manning the discussion wall in WK 1 & 2 in January – sign up to help here:

Tell your constituents about the Discussion Wall happening over lunchtimes 9th -21st January in the HIVE

Tell your constituents about and sign up for the General Meeting happening on Monday 20th January:

Tell your constituents about the Focus Groups

FEEDBACK at any time to any of the officers !

If you need any further information, have any suggestions or ideas then please contact Joe Levell – or one of the planning group below.

Many thanks,

Joe Levell –

Rosie Rawle –

Joe Raynes –

Trevor Killeen –


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