Course Reps Newsletter!


Hello everybody! Time has flown by really quickly, and we have already reached the end of the first term. Loads of things happened so here is a quick catch up:

After discussing with UEA, Louise, our Academic Officer negotiated with the University to release exam timetables two weeks earlier than previously and far fewer people will have more than one exam on each day! Finally students will have more time to prepare and schedule their studies and revision.

REPS CONFERENCE – 23rd November
40 people attended UEA’s first ever Reps Conference.  We covered issues ranging from assessment and feedback, how to engage apathetic people and explored what the future of education should look like.  Thanks to all those who attended.

We are focussing on improving the uptake of on-line module evaluation as it’s a great way for you to assess the quality of modules and give feedback. Schools do look at this so it’s the perfect way to get your voice heard.  If you want to have your say and contribute to the improvement of modules and your school overall, don’t forget to fill them in before the end of the term! Log into e: Vision & click on the “evaluation” tab to complete the online form.

Having good and timely feedback is an important issue to students as it enables them to learn more effectively and improve their academic skills. In order to improve the academic standards of students the Union lobbied UEA who agreed that all Schools should give exam feedback. This was approved last year and was limited to formal university exams for 1st and 2nd year students of degree programmes but 3rd year finals are exempted. We know that not that many students took this up so we are asking you to include Exam feedback as an agenda item for your next SSLC. If you want the Academic Officer to attend your SSLC and talk about the importance of exam feedback please do get in touch.

What’s coming up next…?

Future Skills Initiative Workshop – 12th December @ Union House, Room 1.33, 12-2pm
UEA’s Future Skills Initiative is supported by the Higher Education Academy to produce the UK’s first student-staff handbook ‘HOW TO GET SUSTAINABILITY SKILLS INTO YOUR DEGREE PROGRAMME’. As UEA is a recognised leader in this area, and in the interest of articulating long-term employability skills for our graduates, we are seeking student representatives from each School to draft a one-page document that will answer some of the questions raised by the issue. The first brainstorming session to assess the content of this document will happen this Thursday. Come and have your say and contribute to a massive brainstorming session!

A meeting for student representatives will be held in February. Watch this space for more information.

Union Council
If you would like a chance to influence union policy, there are still school spaces to fill on Union Council. To see whether your school has an opening, please contact Tony Moore. (

The REPS newsletter will be sent out twice a semester. If you want anything included please get in touch with me your Academic Officer at

Happy Holidays!

Louise Withers Green


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