Apply for mentoring before Christmas

Would you like the opportunity to speak with someone working in your ideal career? Then make one-to-one career mentoring your New Year’s resolution.

Mentoring gives you the opportunity to speak with a UEA alumnus (or other career professional) about your future and build your confidence. Perhaps you’re confused about what you would like to do after your degree, or maybe you lack the confidence to approach professionals and take those next steps. You might even have a business idea you would like to turn into a reality. With a mentoring relationship, you’ll receive six hours of one-to-one guidance and support in person or via email, telephone or Skype, over a six-month period.

Six-month mentoring relationships are open to 1st and 2nd year UEA undergraduates. If you are a final year or postgraduate student and think you would benefit from a mentoring relationship, please do get in touch with us.

If you’re keen to hear what it’s really like from an insider’s perspective, you could also sign up for Insider Insights – a one-off information session with a mentor – which is open to all UEA undergraduates and postgraduates.

For six-month mentoring, apply as soon as you can so it can take place before the Assessment period starts. Why not apply before the Christmas break? For more details and to apply, visit:



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