Looking for someting to do tonight?

Go Global Love Chinese-Spring Festival FREE event

The Chinese Spring Festival is coming! It is time to celebrate the most important festival in China. No matter whether you are a Chinese, British or an International student, just come along on 20th January 2014. Let us say bye-bye to the Snake year 2013 and welcome the Horse year 2014!

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We are encouraging all of UEA students to engage in and share the mix culture together. We are proud to hold this event supported by UEA Go Global Annual Fund.

You do not need book any tickets, and just come along!

Location: Union House 1.33 Date: 20th January 2014 Time: 18:00-20:00

Culture Time:

Our tutor will teach some basic greeting phrases in Mandarin used in the Spring Festival. You will know the interesting Chinese Animal Zodiac and the New Year history after learning Mandarin greeting.


Several Chinese games are ready for you. Small presents will be given in all games.

  • Guessing candy number in a jar
  • Using chopsticks to pick up Chocolate balls
  • Making real dumplings
  • Running with your legs tied

When you are involved in any games, our tutors will provide a ticket for you which has a particular number on the back. Keep it safe; you will have a chance to win presents at the end of the event. We will draw 3 lucky numbers.

FOOD and Handcrafts Time:

Making lantern is another unique traditional way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. When making beautiful red lanterns with our tutors, you can taste delicious Chinese food and the dumplings are supplied.

Let us looking forward to this great event and hope to see you all on 20th January 2014!

The event link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/328616790610271/


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