Get involved on Good Deed Day

Poster for Good Deed Day

Want to spread some goodness? Get involved on Good Deed day with Give it a Go – in the community!

There are times in everyone’s life when we feel lonely or isolated and there can be many reasons why people feel this way; a relationship breakup, finding it hard to talk to others because of shyness or social anxiety, mobility issues, low self-esteem, or unemployment to name few.

Age UK is working hard to reach isolated members of the community and plan on setting up more activities for old people in Mile Cross. They want to get a ‘buzz’ going in the community by encouraging volunteering to support older people, promote good neighbourliness and to improve community cohesion by putting on more intergenerational activities.

The UUEAS has teamed up with Age UK to help them achieve the their objectives whilst providing an opportunity for students to volunteer and take part in a community project, make a difference to the lives of older, isolated people from Norwich and take on a challenge in order to achieve personal goals, develop new skills and practice their talents.

Student Volunteer Week takes place between 24th – 28th February 2014 and for Good Deed Day -which kicks off the week on Monday 24th February, members of the local community will be invited to attend an event at the Phoenix Centre in Mile Cross between 2pm-4pm. Attending community members will be given the opportunity to join in a number of fun and easy student led workshops, be entertained by some live performances and have the chance to take part in an easy dance class – all of which will be provided by the UUEAS clubs and societies. Refreshments will be available all day.

We want to see students out in their local communities making a positive difference and having fun. The ‘Give it a Go in the community’ event will showcase students giving back to their communities, focusing on themes such as kindness and happiness.

The UUEAS is looking for all sorts of different student led workshops and activities to offer local residents. Creative, fun and engaging activities will offer social stimulation to often isolated people from the surrounding Mile Cross community and will provide an opportunity for older and younger generations to come together and interact in a positive way.

Interested in volunteering and want to be involved? Could your club or society run a 30 – 60 minute session? Contact Victoria on for more information.


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