Union Officer Restructure: The Referendum!

After the consultations that went on last week, in accordance with your ideas and the Union of UEA Students constitution, it has been decided to send two proposals concerning the new structure of Union Officers to a referendum. This referendum will be run on Wednesday 5th February and will close on Friday 7th February at 2pm.
These are the proposals you will be voting for:

1. Proposal One – Should the Union’s full time Student Officer structure be as follows:

  • Undergraduate Education Officer
  • Postgraduate Education Officer
  • Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer
  • Student Activities & Opportunity Officer
  • Campaigns & Democracy officer

Voting ‘YES’ on this question means you accept the proposal one.

2. Proposal Two – Should the ‘Campaigns & Democracy Officer’ be renamed ‘President’ and in addition take a lead role in campaigning to the University for students and coordinating the Student Officer team?

Voting ‘YES’ on this question means you accept the proposal two.

This is the current structure that will be changed:

  • Finance Officer
  • Community & Student Rights Officer
  • Academic Officer
  • Communications Officer

The first proposal aims at having:

An Undergraduate Education Officer elected by undergraduates who will represent UG students, improve their education to maximise their experience, and train UG student reps.

A Postgraduate Education Officer elected by postgraduate who will serve the same functions of the UG Education Officer but for PG students, as well as supporting the Graduate Students Association.

A Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer who will promote and defend the rights of students on issues regarding education, equality of opportunity, welfare and housing through lobbying and campaigning within the local community.

An Activities and Opportunities Officer who will ensure students the opportunity to participate in extra and co-curricular activities while studying, improving their experience by developing and sustaining clubs, societies, and student media groups showing them how to make use of them in future employment.

A Campaigns and Democracy Officer who will make sure the Union is truly democratic and student led, developing campaigning networks of students in clubs, societies, and peer support groups, training Union Councillors, and structuring Union’s Priority Campaigns.

The second proposal aims at making the Campaigns and Democracy Officer a President, who will also be in charge of coordinating the sabbatical and Student Officer Team and develop the Union’s relationship with the University.

Want to get directly involved? You have the chance to apply to run the “Yes” or “No” campaign for either proposal and may do so by emailing Bintu Foday – the Deputy Returning Officer – at union.community@uea.ac.uk by Thursday 30th January by 5pm.

Plus, if you want to further discuss the positions and have your say, come to the general meeting that will be held at 7pm on February 3rd! Don’t forget to vote!

If you want more detailed information, please visit the UEA Students Election Blog.


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