Rethinking Union Democracy: come to the Open Meeting today, 7pm in the LCR.


If you believe you know nothing about UEA Union Council, don’t be afraid: you’re not the only one! Even though our Council is one of the largest in the UK, it is still a mysterious and ambiguous entity to most students.

We believe there has been a lot of improvement in communicating its decision, the agenda, and the methods of feeding in: our blog is more active than ever, we have a slot in Concrete meant that this has been the highest average turn-out in years.

However, there’s no such thing as “too much improvement” and we are always striving to make things better. We believe there is much more to do. So, why not come to a general and open meeting and tell us how we can make this work?

What should we change? Does Council work as it is? What are the better ways for students to feed in? We hope you will discuss with us, and help us being to answer some of these questions. Today you have the chance to do it, so come to the LCR and have your say from 7pm until 9pm. We hope to see you there!


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