National Voter Registration Day – A Fair Turn-Out!

A strong turnout was recorded during Natural Voter Registration Day last week! On 5th February, more than 185 students registered to vote for the local and European elections.

Voting is just one tool whereby you can have a say on the global and local issues that matter to you! Your vote could influence the government’s stance on climate change or the EU, or your local council’s decision to spend money in areas that affect you.

Nerea Rosa Barros, the NUS Norwich Assistant Community Organiser, said: “The reasons why people decide to take power are very different, however there is a point in common, we all want to have a say in the issues that matter to us. “

Voting has also an impact on our day to day life as. In 2010, over 75% of people aged 65+ voted and received free bus travels, free TV license, free prescriptions, winter fuel allowance and more deals. However, only a 44% of young people voted, and EMA was taken away, tuition fees tripled and youth services were cut down.

Through voting, you can also decide who is going to represent you. You contribute to the elections of your MPs, MEPs, local councillors, police and crime commissioners, as well as participating to referendums. Do you want to help shaping your future? Get involved!

If you want to collaborate with NUS, Norwich City College, and UEA Get The Vote OUT campaign, please contact Nerea Rosa Barros at They are also looking for people interested in running registration rallies or debate and are particularly interested political artsy people to join on the Action Week that’s coming up this May. Whether you are a comedian, an actor, a musician, a poet, or whether you have great ideas and skills to bring in, don’t hesitate to contribute!

You can find more information on:

UEA Get the Vote Out Campaign every Monday at 4pm in the Union Office and on FB:!/ueagetthevoteout?fref=ts

National Voter Registration Day #NVRD on FB:!/events/645151852210491/?fref=ts

Electoral Commission About my Vote website:

Bite the Ballot Campaign:


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