Go Global Week and Party, 24th-28th February

Get ready to celebrate and experience the richness of our world and all its cultures. Welcome to ! From international performances to cultural delicacies, the Union will be alive with Go Global events and activity. Click attending on our Facebook Event to see what’s coming up.


AND… in it’s great tradition, on 28th February at 7.30 pm, we will be hosting The Go Global Party! The Go Global Party will give you the chance to taste traditional food from all around the world, see international and creative performances, songs, and dances from societies and students, and effectively learn a great deal more about them.

We are also raising extra money for a charity chosen by you! Last week you were asked to vote for a charity to support, and the majority of votes went to Alzheimer’s Society. For this reason, tickets will be sold for £5 plus £1 extra for the chosen charity. You can buy them at the Union Box Office.

Want to run an event? There is still time for societies and individuals who want to take part in this event, either to make food, perform or volunteer! We are also looking for people interested in holding talks and cultural awareness events during the week, not only at the party. If you are interested please contact Bintu Foday, your Community and Student Rights Officer at union.community@uea.ac.uk


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