Key Actions of Council 13 February

  • Approved UEA Physics, MEDSIN, and Video Game Societies as well as Brazilian Ju-Jitsu


  • Appointed Molly Hughes (HUM Faculty Convenor) as temporary UG representative on the Learning and teaching Committee


  • Heard request that Clubs and Society banners be hung in the white spaces in the Hive


  • Approved all proposals on Policy Lapse but decided to keep policies on: students not being disciplined for refusing to cross picket lines and boycotting Nestle


  • Approved policy proposals to send to NUS National Conference on: organising courses around student needs not institutional needs, making NUS democracy more transparent, students needing universal basic rights rather than competition and backing ‘flipped lectures’


  • Heard DRO’s verbal report on the FTO Structure Referendum


  • Agreed an emergency resolution that censured the Full Time Officers for decisions taken at Management Committee as to a further staff restructuring under the Improvement Plan and sent the restructuring proposals back to the Trustee Board


  • Agreed new policy on how the budget is formulated and to improve financial reporting; Councillors to be able to propose amendments to the budget


  • Agreed an emergency resolution to change the Bye-Laws so that the President of the GSA will continue to be a voting member of SOC and Union Council


  • Agreed an emergency resolution to recommend changing the Returning Officer for UUEAS election from a NUS staff member to a member of the Electoral Reform Society

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