Join the National Demo against ATOS in Norwich – Tomorrow 8am!

What is ATOS?

ATOS is a French IT company who are being paid by the government to assess and remove disabled people from benefits. The process ATOS uses to assess individuals has been highly criticised as being both massively unethical but also inaccurate. Whilst their evaluations and criteria are deemed to be “unfit for purpose,” many of their centres do not have wheel-chair access.


With 40% of all those being declared Fit to Work having this decision reversed with that rising to 70% when people have legal representation. 

The decision to remove people from their benefits obviously has a hugely detrimental impact on the mental health of individuals and has led to over 1,000 people dying after they had been declared Fit to Work. 

ATOS is starting to appear on University campuses to recruit people to work for them. We have passed policy to oppose their presence on campus.

Join the National Demo to stand up for the most vulnerable people in our community! Join the event here!


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