As-salaamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you)
UEA ISoc proudly presents…


The main aim of this week is to break down barriers, negate misconceptions, educate, for unity and integration through education. Please get involved whatever your belief is and lets make this week the best one yet!

It will be an exciting week full of events, talks and food! 
We have an exciting new addition this year: 

Calligraphy Workshop – Wednesday 5th at 2:00 to 4:00pm at CD Annexhosted by a professional from London. Sooo come on down and learn how to write your name in Arabic!! 

We have an interesting line up of talks this year: 
‘Women’s issues, starting at men’s minds?’- by Sister Alima Ashfaq and Brother Hassan Hamdoun [Efry 01.08, 18:30-20:00]

‘7 Verses of Qu’ran’ by Brother Alomgir Ali [Efry 01.08, 18:30-20:00]

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop [CD Annex 0.05 from 14:00 to 16:00] Come and try out an ancient art preserved for generations!!!

Open Q&A Session [UEA Islamic Centre 13:00-17:30] & I
Can you last the Muslim Fast? – Thursday from 4:51am to 5:48pm at the Islamic Centre
Iftar (Free Dinner) [UEA Islamic Centre 17:50] 

‘Does Islam have a place in the 21st Century?’ by Brother Abdullah Al Andalusi [Efry 01.08, 18:00-20:00] 

Everybody is welcome! If you have any questions or would like to take part, please message us or come visit our stall!


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