UEA students doing good in the community

To celebrate Good Deed Day which kicked started Student Volunteer Week on the 24th February, UEA students put on a range of free and fun activities such as origami and card making workshops to members of the local community at the Phoenix Centre in Mile Cross.IMG_9106


Student Volunteering Week (SVW) is a nationwide celebration of student volunteering which has traditionally taken place each spring. SVW brings together organisations from all sectors to promote and celebrate the volunteering efforts of students across the Universities and Colleges in the UK.

Good Deed Day is held on the first day of SVW and is all about encouraging students to give back to their communities, focusing on themes such as kindness and happiness.


The Union of UEA students combined forces with Age UK to bring together enterprising young students and older, often isolated members of the local Mile Cross community for an afternoon of socialising, games, creative workshops and dancing.

“The Union and Age UK wanted to provide an opportunity for older and younger generations to come together and interact in a positive way and that’s exactly what happened. I was so impressed with all the students who took part in the event and everyone seemed to have a great time” – Victoria Cook, Enterprise and Activities Coordinator for UUEAS.



Members of the Unions Management society taught community members how to use iPad; the idea was to show how technology could really improve their lives by helping them keep in touch with family members through email and Facebook and showing them the benefits of online shopping.

The Chinese Handicraft and South East Asian society provided Origami and Calligraphy workshops while The Darts club enjoyed numerous games of darts with local people.



“This day was a fantastic example of the good times that people can have together – young and old.  We played darts, did origami, watched dancing, and much more.  Everyone had an amazing time!” – Jacqui Burgoyne, Age UK

The Unions Community officer was on hand to serve free tea, coffee and biscuits to everyone and spent the afternoon chatting and laughing with community members, local lady Shirley said “We had an absolutely lovely time, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success”.


The afternoon was rounded off nicely with a number of nostalgic dance routines from one of The Unions most popular clubs – Danceport – who provided some nostalgic dance routines such as a Waltz and Ballroom.


Are you interested in volunteering?

Sophie Cabot – Volunteering Administrator at UEA – S.Cabot@uea.ac.uk

Interested in Enterprise? Budding Entrepreneur?

Victoria Cook – Enterprise and Activities Coordinator – v.cook@uea.ac.uk



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