Your new student officer team

This year we secured a record 3298 votes in our student officer elections. Thank you to everyone who voted! Full details of your student officer team for 2014/15 and their manifestos are shown below. You can also take a look at the full results breakdown here.

Yinbo Yu –  Activities and Opportunities Officer – manifesto

Chris Jarvis – Campaigns and Democracy Officer – manifesto

Liam McCafferty – Postgraduate Education Officer – manifesto

Connor Rand – Undergraduate Education Officer – manifesto

Holly Staynor – Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer – manifesto

Iain Goddard – Environment Officer – manifesto

Josh Wilson – Ethical Issues Officer – manifesto

Daniel Wrigglesworth – LGBT+ Officer – manifesto

John Taylor – Mature Students Officer – manifesto

Max Levine – Students with Disabilities Officer – manifesto

4 Non-Portfolio Officers:

Thomas Southerden manifesto

Theo Antoniou-Phillips manifesto

Tom Etheridgemanifesto

Lizzie Cody manifesto

Dolly Ogunrinde – Womens Officer – manifesto


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