Funding for a new Student Media Centre!

It’s time for some great news: the Union has managed to secure funding for a new Student Media Centre!

Whilst our students continue to expand and develop the output of the media societies, they struggle with outdated equipment and a lack of investment in state of the art facilities. Livewire has poor microphones and mixing desks, Concrete has broken computers and outdated software and UEA:TV doesn’t have enough equipment to make their best out of their activities.

That’s why we applied for the UEA’s Annual Fund which supports enhancement in important areas across the university, and is sustained by donations from friends and alumni of UEA. We have been given funding to improve our media equipment and give all students the opportunity to enhance their experience and develop employability skills.

With this funding we plan to:

• Create a fully functional and modern radio station with an editing suite to produce accessible content
• Provide Concrete with a computer suite and industry leading software to lay out and design the newspaper
• Provide UEA:TV with art production software as well as more cameras, microphones and lightning to enable them to make programs in more locations and events.

This is a great opportunity to create a space for all the students interested and engaged in media societies to come together and have a higher impact on the student experience. Plus, it will give everybody the chance to learn new media and technology skills that could be used in the workplace. We hope to bring these changes as soon as possible to make your student experience even better!


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