About to move out of your house?


It’s that time of year when many of you will be starting to move out of your properties so we’ve written some helpful advice about ways that you can get rid of unwanted items that you don’t want to take with you when you go. Please read it and think about what you need to do to leave the property tidy.
Here’s some advice on what to do when you have unwanted items to dispose of at the end of your tenancy:

If you have any items that are still in good condition then you can donate them to a charity shop. There are plenty in Norwich for different causes and some of them will collect items if you give them a call. Norfolk Homemakers – 01603 487444 (http://www.norfolkhomemakers.org) provide very affordable furniture for people in need or on low income and will collect furniture and household goods.

You could also offer to give the items away via services such as ‘Freecycle’ and other groups which promote re-use rather than items going to landfill.

Norwich City Council – 0344 980 3333
(http://www.norwich.gov.uk ) If your items aren’t in great condition, or are broken / unwanted electrical goods (a lot of charities can’t take electrical items) then Norwich City Council can collect these items, along with any other bulky waste from the edge of your property (this should only include items you would normally take with you when moving house, for example furniture, mattresses, TVs, fridges and freezers). (General household and black sacks of waste do not fall under bulky item collection and should be disposed of in the usual way.) You need to give at least one week notice to arrange collection. Charges range from £18.38 for 1 item, £21.26 for 2 items, £24.15 for 3 items and £90.83 for 10 items.

Swanton Road Recycling Centre – 0344 800 8004
Bulky household waste can also be taken to the household waste recycling centre on Swanton Road, NR2. Opening times from April to August are 9am to 8pm and during September 9am to 7pm.

Please note: Fridges and freezers need to be disposed of carefully as they contain cooling gases which are harmful if released into the environment.

Skips can be hired weekly for £75 – £100. Google ‘skip hire Norwich Norfolk’ for a list of suppliers.

Please dispose of waste and unwanted items responsibly to maintain good relationships with your neighbours and your local community.

Bintu Foday
Community& Student Rights Officer 2013/14


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