Time To Change- Mental Health Launch Event

On May 1st, the union signed the Time to Change Pledge. The pledge was signed by the Community and Students Rights Officer and the Chief Executive of the union, signing the pledge highlights our commitment to end mental health stigma amongst student and staff in the union. This marks the start of an exciting journey for the Student Union and Peer Support Groups.

The pledge signing was attended by Union Staff, Dean of Students Staff, Peer Support Groups, the Medical Centre and External Wellbeing Organisations and Students. The amount of support is really encouraging for all involved as the campaign moves forward!
The audience were invited to make personal pledges as well showing how everyone can get involved and make a change. You can still get involved by making your individual pledge, or if you just want more information please email Bintu on union.community@uea.ac.uk

The union will continue to lobby the university to take the same public stance in signing the Time to Change pledge to end mental health discrimination, during the event the Community and Student Right Officer noted that it is important that the university signs the pledge “not because the union think they should but because it is the right thing to do; if we work together, we can turn our campus into a safe space in which students, staff and officers are able to speak openly about their mental health, with the expectation that they will be listened to and supported”

It’s time to talk, it time to end mental health discrimination




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