Norwich Mandarin Learning Center in Saint Matthews Church is coming soon!

A UEA alumni Meng Wang has just open an exciting new Mandarine learning centre at the hear Norwich, below is more information about the service.

Would you like your children to learn authentic Chinese using flexible methods and vividly pleasant materials? Would you like to develop your children’s existing Mandarin skill? Our Norwich Mandarin Learning Center located in Saint Matthews Church is going to run the first summer Mandarin lesson on the 9th August 2014. Why not have a look at our website:

We all know that language, which is vocal, is a tool for communication. Mandarin has a reputation as one of the most difficult languages to learn. For one thing- is the tone. Young children are natural language acquirers; they are self-motivated to pick up language without conscious learning, unlike adolescents and adults. As early as your little ones learn Mandarin, as easy as they can master it.

Norwich Mandarin Learning Center is the No.1 provider of experienced language trainers. All of our tutors and teachers have bilingual skills in Mandarin and English, and have extensive teaching experience with young children. They are dynamic, caring and passionate about teaching. We do the DBS (CRB) check and they all have first aid certificates.
The classes are offered at different levels based on both the student’s age and his /her level.

Class size: 8 to 10 kids.
Session length: 2 hrs per session and 15 min break


We will separate each session into two lessons. In the first lesson, our teachers and tutors will teach children academic skills, writing, speaking, listening and reading. In the second lesson, we will introduce basic Chinese customs and culture, making it fun to learn through crafts, games, songs, drawing and Chinese calligraphy.

3 to 5 years old
Little follower course aims to familiarizing young students with Mandarin through a combination of songs, lessons, activities and games to help build confidence and interest in learning a new language.

6 to 10 years old
Intermediate course provides our students with regular contact to Mandarin based on pronunciation, reading and writing. We use our unique designed materials, including CD, videos, pictures and cards to build children’s fundamentals and ability to speak Mandarin.

Any ages
One to one lesson, this lesson is provided to any students who are interested in Mandarin. We can help the students develop their Mandarin GCSE or Mandairn A/AS level.

If you think our classes are suitable for your kids and meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Meng Wang.




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