Attendance Monitoring

The University’s attendance monitoring proposal, which can be found here in section three: Earning the Right to Reassessment, basically means that you do not have the right to reassessment if:

  1. If you score less than 20% in the module.
  2. If you have more than 20% unauthorised absences for the module.

The unauthorised absences are in everything except for lectures – but this is only because they don’t have the technology to record attendance for lectures, and we know that the University would like to introduce a swipe card system to record lecture attendance.

For some modules there is no way of recording attendance, and for other modules there is no mark, just a pass/fail. This means that the University can punish some students for failing both of these criteria, when other students can fail one and still earn a right to reassessment. We don’t think this is a fair punishment system, but can be used to indicate a student needs more support.

We have policy that states we believe “that students should be measured on their academic performance, as fits the university experience, rather than their attendance, which is more appropriate within a school”. Gathering attendance information is something that is sensible and can fully support – however we cannot support the use of this information to punish students rather than identify students who need more support.

We wil lobby against this policy. Vote on the poll if you think this is important!


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