Campaigning For Change

Daniel Delargy

Daniel, Students With Disabilities Officer

This year, your Student Officers have decided on six Priority Campaigns to tackle during the year. In your second week of term, we will be asking you to vote for which one you care about most. We will still campaign on them all but it’s hugely useful to know which one should be our priority.

This year, these are as follows:

Ethical Investment: We will join an international campaign to divest from
unethical industries. No more sweatshops, no more fossil fuels, goodbye exploitation.

Coursework Feedback: We want our coursework feedback to be returned early
enough for us to learn from, and to be within University

Fairer Exam Timetables: Our exams should be fairly spaced, and timetables
should be released as early as possible.

Safe Space: There should be a safe space on campus for students to
go to if they are feeling threatened or need to be alone.

Get the Vote Out: We want to encourage students to vote and get their
voices heard on the political stage.


There are three great ways that you can influence change in the Union, the University and the world outside our UEA bubble:

1. Just tell us what you think!

2. Use Union Council

3. Elect/become an Officer


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