Living in halls

Bintu Foday

Bintu, Community & Student Rights Officer

So you’re moving into University accommodation. You probably fancy a look at your halls before you move in right? That’s why we’ve put together this very fetching a video guide:

You can find your new flatmates before you arrive by finding them on Facebook via our question on our page, Union of UEA Students.



  • Multi-plug adaptors and extension leads. In case find a shortage of plug points in your room.
  • Kitchen utensils. Watch the video above to see what kind of space you have and what you may need. Try to organise this with your flatmates if you can before you arrive by seeking them out via our Facebook page. You don’t all need to bring a kettle, for example. If you find yourself short of utensils then don’t worry! There are many items available in our Union Food Outlet on campus, and we’re having a huge Pots & Pans Sale. Find our stall in the Hive, in Union House, 18th-22nd September, 12pm-2pm.
  • Padlock. You will get a locker in which you can keep valuable items (including nice food that you don’t want anybody else to eat by mistake!)

You’re going to have a great time, but if you’re worried about anything at all then feel free to call our Advice Centre on 01603 593463.

Ok – now you’re ready to move onto Step 2: Arriving at UEA!


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