Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMH) Arrivals


Ella, Non-Portfolio Officer

You’ll need to collect your campus card from the Library when you arrive. Ask at Union Reception if you can’t find the Library, or print out this map and bring it with you!

Also remember to collect your Union Handbook from Reception.


We know you’ll be very busy from the moment you arrive, so we’ll be making it easier for you to collect your Welcome Week events tickets by allowing collection from the Red Bar from 6.30-8pm from 17th-30th September. Try to go to some events if you can, they are a good place to meet people! You may not have time to get to Societies Fair and Sports Fair during Welcome Week, but don’t worry because you can join a club or society any time of the year.


If you have any concerns or worries about arriving at UEA then you can call our Advice Centre on 01603 593463 or the Dean of Students Office on 01603 592892.

Trevor Killeen

Trev, Mature Students Officer

You can also chat to any of our student officers, and if you want to talk to a student officer who is currently in FMH then Trevor (t.killeen@uea.ac.uk), the Mature Students Officer, is currently studying medicine.

-> Step 3: Welcome Week


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