New Members!

Rosie Rawle

Rosie, Communications Officer

Hello and welcome to UEA! Since you’re starting a degree course here, you’re officially a new member of the Union of UEA Students.

We are a charity independent from the University, run for students by students, and we exist to enrich the lives of all of our members. We do this in a variety of ways, but what makes us unique is that we represent your views to the University, local community, and on both national and international levels.

Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @UnionUEA to keep up to date with our activity!

This section of the Union Blog is designed to help you prepare for your arrival, with tips and tricks for getting started at UEA. Follow our Four Steps for the way to UEA, plus, check out the University’s New Students Website for all the information you’ll need.

Step 1: Before You Arrive

Step 2: Arriving at UEA

Step 3: Welcome Week

Step 4: Get Involved!

This is a map of the centre of campus. It may come in handy.


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