Secret Welcome Week Events


Click below to buy yours now!




20 thoughts on “Secret Welcome Week Events

      • That’s a terrible idea, it gives the rest of the uni 3 days to find out the ‘secret’ link

      • The link has been delayed until Monday only through fault of there being an increase in demand this year, and slow registration. Usually the link goes live on the day, but from experience, the 3 days should make little difference. No need to panic(!)

    • Hi,
      Make sure you are checking your uea email account on portal and not your personal one. We are sending out another batch of emails this week to people who had not registered by the 4th, which should be with you soon if this includes you. If you have not received this by Monday, email from your uea account and Rosie, our Communications Officer will send you the link.
      Thanks and apologies for the delay!

  1. Hi I’m a returning student as I intercalated last year I’m beginning the first year again (I was only here for three weeks last year) so I do still want to buy tickets for the on campus freshers events but I’m worried as I don’t think I will receive an email any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

  2. It’s pretty pricey to buy a ticket to every night, will I be the only guy to not be there every night? Or should I suck it up, and dig deep for the cash? :L

  3. I just tried to buy tickets and the server for the welcome week tickets is down, does this mean the tickets have sold out and I’ve missed my chance to buy any?

  4. Hi there, haven’t received any emails (have contacted union communications to no avail) and am worried tickets are going to sell out before i get chance to even see what’s going on; anything that can be done?

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