Last year our shops saved students over £2million!


You can do some online shopping with the Union before or after you arrive. For example, purchase your merchandise here – branded hoodies, toys and other stuff!

Take a look at the NUS Extra Card. For £12 you can have access to some fantastic national, local and Union discounts, including £5 off a Union hoodie and 5% Amazon discount – great for your books and gifts!

The Union also sells an annual Bus Pass at a 65% discounted price. If you think you’ll use the bus three times a week or more during term time then this will save you money.


Joe Levell

Joe, Finance Officer

We are building a new megashop, combining three of our shops into one big shop. It’s going to be stocked with a wide range of ethically sourced food products, with stationery, a post office and a bakery, which will be open 24 hours. It’s going to be great.

Book tickets for your journeys and buy your Bus Pass from the Travel Shop, which shares its space with the Box Office where you can buy all of your gig tickets. Send your post and buy UEA branded merchandise in the Post Office.


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