Why we’re Backing the Boycott.

As a student union, it is our goal to ensure the advancement of your education and act as a representative channel between students and UEA.

We believe that to ensure the best outcome for students now and in later years, it is vital that we support our staff in lobbying for fair pay. Here is why:

  1. Solid and widespread support can help to resolve the pay dispute quickly, averting and or minimising disruption to students. We must join in solidarity with staff and pressure the University and UCEA to offer a fair pay deal.
  1. Staff morale and wellbeing is important not only in itself but for the advancement of student learning. The quality of teaching at UEA should continue to rise, and this is only possible if the university attracts, and keeps excellent academics.
  1. Postgraduate teaching assistants have also been hit by the pay cuts and their contracts should be fairly written.
  1. There must be strength in Unions. In the last six months, the student union has backed the UCU on all four strike actions. It would be meaningless to claim that we support demands for fair pay if we fail to back the only action that could help them win.
  1. A University is made up of students and staff. We accept that the stubborn and unjust behaviour of employers has forced staff to issue this ultimatum. UCEA is responsible for this disruption, not staff.
  1. Finally, we note that whatever stance the Union takes the boycott is likely to go ahead and that it is far better for our members interests to support staff rather than undermine them.

The first stage of this will require an email from YOU to our Vice Chancellor, Professor Edward Acton. If you have further queries, our Advice Centre is always open, and you can find us 9am-5pm in the Student Officer Centre in Union House.


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